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Tiffany Farrier

Elevate Community Business Academy holds a license from Rising Tide Capital, a nonprofit serving over 1,000 entrepreneurs each year. Here is a success story from the program!

Kandi Acres, LLC

When Tiffany moved from Buffalo, Minnesota to rural Hawick she said “I just wanted to move to the country, live on my little farm, and drink my coffee.” Tiffany had spent the 7 years prior serving as a foster parent and had never worked a job that was dictated by someone else.

Her journey to having a goat farm started recreationally. he growth was gradual—almost involuntary—as the opportunity to add to the flock, first by 10 and then by 40, presented itself. She started by taking the animals to auction and selling homemade goat milk soap and lotions at farmers’ markets. It was all pretty predictable until an opportunity arose. She found herself and her goats on a new endeavor—to bring Halal-certified, raised, and butchered goat meat to the Muslim community in Willmar and surrounding areas.

Tiffany Farrier

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